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SEO for New Websites

We’re often asked what to expect with SEO for brand new websites. This case study focuses on that exact situation for three clients—an up-and-coming pet grooming company, a men’s hair product supply website, and a local plumbing service. These clients faced the challenge of low organic search traffic and a lack of visibility due to their new websites. By embracing patience and consistency and leveraging our fully managed SEO service, they achieved outstanding results.

SEO for New Websites

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To start, each client had minimal organic search visits—around 50 or fewer per month—and lacked backlinks and significant keyword rankings. Despite their efforts in creating professional websites and attempting some SEO, they realized they needed professional assistance to improve their search engine visibility.

This is a common scenario. Sometimes it’s referred to as the “Field of Dreams” (site owners believe that “if you build it, they will come”). Unlike the Kevin Costner movie, building it alone is not usually quite enough. SEO for new websites is one area in which we can help.


SEO for New Websites

A dramatized image of a retro-futurist style scientist conducting an SEO Audit.

SEO for New Websites Audit

Performing an in-depth SEO audit was our initial step for all three clients. We assessed their current traffic, identified keyword opportunities, evaluated backlinks, and analyzed anchor text. The pet grooming and men’s hair product supply websites were brand new with zero organic traffic and limited keyword rankings. The local plumbing company had engaged in some SEO efforts but needed additional work to reach their goals.

A retro-futurist painting of two happy pet-groomers hard at work giving a lovely spa treatment to a small dog. Their business is busy thanks to SEO services for pet grooming businesses.

Pet Grooming Business SEO Campaign

As a new pet grooming website, we prioritized building a strong foundation. The team utilized our exceptional link-building service to acquire authoritative and contextual backlinks. Additionally, we identified a need for more content and created high-quality articles targeting keywords like “mobile dog grooming,” “mobile pet groomer,” and “cat grooming cost.” To further boost their online presence, we arranged guest posts on high-domain authority websites.

barbershop retro futurist - 4

Men’s Hair Grooming Supply Business SEO Campaign

Since the men’s hair product supply website already had a content creation system in place, we focused on link building. Through two high-quality guest posts per month and strategic link-building efforts, we targeted money keywords such as “how to get dreads” and “durag benefits.” Our approach ensured diverse anchor texts while leveraging high-authority guest posts to enhance their online visibility.

plumber retor futurist@2x - 6

Local Plumbing Business SEO Campaign

The local plumbing company, which had already implemented some SEO work, aimed to expand its online presence further. Based on the initial audit, we developed a strategy focusing on both link building and content creation. We created a blog post targeting the keyword “install gas lines,” providing valuable information on the benefits of this service. Additionally, we built foundational links using high-performing keywords like “plumbing New Orleans” and secured a guest post on “collapsed sewer lines” to drive traffic.

pet grooming chart - 8

Pet Grooming Business SEO

After working with Boooooost’s SEO team, the pet grooming company witnessed a threefold increase in traffic. Their ranked keywords went from zero to nearly 1,000.

Hair Product Supply Business SEO

Despite slow initial progress, the men’s hair product supply website experienced exponential organic traffic growth, reaching over 20,000 views per month.

mens hair chart - 10
local plumber chart - 12

Local Plumbing Business SEO

The local plumbing company achieved impressive results across the board, with an estimated free traffic value of $2,178. Their traffic value doubled from around $1,000 to over $2,000.

The Secret Sauce

Avoiding the pitfall of quitting early

The success stories of these clients highlight the importance of patience and consistency in SEO for new websites. It’s common for businesses to become impatient and quit when they don’t see immediate results. However, as demonstrated in a real case with an audio-visual company, prematurely discontinuing an SEO campaign can lead to missed opportunities. The company canceled their campaign just before their traffic took off, resulting in a subsequent drop in traffic. They promptly resumed their SEO efforts to regain their growth.

Whether you have a new website or one that has been neglected for years, we offer comprehensive SEO services tailored to your industry. Our clients span various sectors, including law firms, dental practices, HVAC companies, contractors, and hotels. Our best-selling SEO service provides customizable strategies to meet your unique goals. Remember, consistency is key in achieving long-term success.

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