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A retro futurist rendering of a powerful Lethbridge owner taking her business "to the stars" thanks to Lethbridge SEO  help from Boooooost.

You’ve worked hard to build your business.

When your Lethbridge clients search, do they find you?


3,461+ businesses are operating in Lethbridge1. How does yours stand out?


73% of searchers don’t look past page one SERP results 2.


93% of online experiences begin with search 3.


18% of local searches result in a sale within a day 4.

Harnessing those wind gusts to Whoop-You-Up to the top of Google search

Get your Lethbridge-based brand found online

You’re here because your brand calls Lethbridge, Alberta home… or at least one of your locations is nestled near the banks of the Oldman River here. You want to be found online and you’re tired of being overlooked in local search results. You know you need SEO (search engine optimization), but you simply don’t have enough time deal with it. Maybe you have tried optimizing your website on your own and were overwhelmed by the endless updates, rules, and technical jargon. Or worse, maybe you’ve paid an arm and a leg for an “SEO Expert” in the past that did a half-assed job and didn’t get you results for your investment.

Whatever the case may be, the Boooooost team can relieve you of your SEO headaches and get you the results your Lethbridge business needs to capture your share of local search traffic. While the Boooooost HQ is located just up the road in Calgary, we are 100% comfortable working remotely. Members of our team are in Lethbridge regularly and happy to travel when it makes sense for you. 

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Spoiler alert: Our Lethbridge SEO services can help

An abstract retro-futurist depiction of a business owner suffering from poor SEO search rank.

Poor Search Rank

Without a page-one presence in your local search, three quarters of searchers will not be able to find your site, no matter how great it is otherwise.

A retro futurist rending of a woman analyzing her website's traffic and realizing she may need SEO to help attract the correct audience.

Low Website Traffic

More than 90% of web traffic starts with search. When you ignore SEO, your site gets a fraction of the traffic that it could.

A retro futurist representation of a person discovering some problems with their digital marketing reputation management.

No Reputation Management

Amazon and Google have conditioned us all to rely on star ratings. Are you managing your reputation online?

A retro-futurist rendering of a woman troubleshooting SEO crawling and indexing issues with her website.

Indexing & Crawl Errors

Even the best sites with the best content can be passed-up by search engines if they are poorly organized or have technical issues.

A retro futurist interpretation of Google penalties applied because of u0022black hatu0022 or shady SEO practices.

Google Penalties

Misguided or “bargain” SEO providers can actually harm your search visibility by employing outdated or Black Hat tactics.

A retro futurist painting of a man attempting to tell a bedtime story to a child with no content plan.

No Content Strategy

Content is king. And yet, most companies are not sufficiently resourced to produce impactful content that ranks in search.

Abstracted retro-futurist image of a business owner finding the spotlight through SEO services.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
Your site can be the one that gets found.

Move from obscurity into the spotlight.

SEO Case Studies

Read about what the Boooooost Lethbridge SEO team has done for businesses like yours.

destination vacation family retro futurist@2x@2x - 9

Tourism SEO

Learn how Boooooost’s SEO team increased qualified organic website traffic for this business by 588%.

lawyers retro futurist@2x@2x - 11

Law Firm SEO

Learn how Boooooost’s SEO team increased qualified organic website traffic for this business by 800%.

software developer retro futurist@2x - 13

SaaS Company SEO

Learn how Boooooost’s SEO team increased qualified organic website traffic for this business by 438%.

Our Lethbridge SEO Process

Whether your market is Lethbridge or beyond, there are three core steps that have worked for us to help get businesses ranked in search and capturing organic traffic.

& Research

We get to know your business, your brand and tone of voice, your audience and your audience’s language.

& Content Strategy

With an understanding of your core topics, audience, and offers, we research your keyword landscape and map priority keywords to content.

& Reporting

Here we patch up your technical Lethbridge SEO foundation, optimize on-page factors and start building content and off-page optimizations.

FAQ for SEO in Lethbridge

Lethrbidge SEO can seem like a mystery wrapped in an enigma, folded into a taco and then wrapped in a pizza. We think it should be simpler than that, so here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about our Lethbridge SEO services.

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