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Skyrocketing a Law Firm’s Organic Traffic by 800%

In an industry as competitive as law, standing out in search is paramount. Join us as we reveal the secrets behind this remarkable achievement and demonstrate how our strategic SEO approach delivered exceptional results.

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Managed SEO Campaign Results

Dramatic and sustained increases in organic traffic value


Additional monthly organic traffic value.


Organic website visits/month.


Increase in organic traffic value.


Qualified organic website traffic increase.


Increase authority & competitive advantage

A law firm approached us to optimize their website. Despite launching in June 2015, the site had experienced minimal traffic growth over the past four years.

With the number of active lawyers increasing by 15% over the past decade, the firm understood the importance of a robust SEO strategy to attract qualified leads and clients.


Smart keywords & valuable content

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The SEO Audit

To kickstart our partnership, we conducted a comprehensive SEO audit of the law firm’s website. It became apparent that the legal industry posed fierce competition. Our analysis revealed that securing a spot within the top 10 local search results for the term “law firm” would require an estimated 310 backlinks. While the firm had made some progress in acquiring backlinks independently, it was clear that additional work was needed. Fortunately, link building is our area of expertise.

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Competitive Gap Analysis

Understanding our client’s competition was crucial in gaining a competitive edge. Through a comprehensive competitive gap analysis, we identified 2,852 unique keywords that our client had yet to target. Many of these keywords centered around marijuana laws, one of their specialties. We capitalized on this discovery by creating targeted content on their website, attracting relevant and engaged traffic.

A dramatized image of a retro-futurist style scientist conducting a SEO Keyword Research.

Keyword Opportunities

We believe in working smarter for our clients, and one of our strategies involves identifying “easy wins” keywords. These are the keywords that the website is already ranking for in positions 4-30. By strategically optimizing these keywords, we can achieve quick traffic gains. In total, we identified 667 “easy win” keywords, several of which boasted high search volumes and presented excellent opportunities for reaching the top 10 rankings.

During our research, we stumbled upon valuable keywords, such as “domestic violence charge in <local modifier>,” with a significant cost-per-click (CPC) of $90. While this might seem substantial, it underscores the competitive nature of the legal industry, where law firms can easily recoup such investments given the high value of their clients.

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The SEO Strategy

Our tailored link-building program, combined with high-quality guest posts, proved instrumental in achieving outstanding results for the law firm. Our link-building efforts included contextual links from authoritative sites, amplifying their online presence. We also customized our guest posting product, allowing the firm to choose blog length and focus on domain authority or publisher website traffic.

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SEO Success

The results speak for themselves—textbook SEO success. When we commenced our campaign, the law firm’s organic traffic was modest, hovering around 500 visitors per month. Fast forward six months and their monthly organic traffic has skyrocketed to over 7,700 visitors and continues to climb. That’s an astonishing increase of over 800% in organic traffic.

Through our strategic link-building and guest post initiatives, we propelled highly valuable keywords into the top 10 rankings, securing page 1 rankings for high-volume terms. The firm’s referring domains witnessed a staggering increase of over 1,000%.

The campaign focused solely on organic traffic, without any paid advertising. Yet, the traffic value soared from approximately $550 at the start of our partnership to an astounding $11,714 per month.

To put things into perspective, achieving the same amount of traffic through paid advertising would cost the firm nearly $12,000 monthly. The exponential growth in value is unmistakable.

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The Secret Sauce

Managed SEO + Trust + Time

This law firm entrusted us with their rankings and traffic, and we are proud to have exceeded their expectations. Our managed SEO program proved to be the ideal solution, offering a comprehensive and customized approach to their needs.

By harnessing the power of strategic link building and impactful guest posts, we catapulted their organic traffic by over 800%, positioning them as the leaders in their field. Ready to embark on your own success story?

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