SEO Case Study

5x Increase in Organic Traffic for a Software Company

Get ready to dive into the remarkable journey of a SaaS website as it has soared through the ranks of Google, now generating more than an estimated $10,000 per month in organic traffic value. Discover how the Boooooost SEO team’s strategic SEO approach propelled this software as a service business to unprecedented success.

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Managed SEO Campaign Results

Reduced customer acquisition cost for a niche SaaS


Monthly organic traffic value after 3 months.


Qualified organic website visits/month.


Increase in ranked keywords.


Build a long-term, low-cost pipeline

Operating in a highly lucrative industry, this SaaS business sought to target valuable keywords, despite their relatively low search volumes. With the potential to secure significant contracts, even a few additional clients could translate into a difference of over $100,000 per year per client.

The hefty pay-per-click costs, reaching up to $130 per click, emphasized the immense value at stake. While the website boasted good content and a few first-page rankings, the traffic wasn’t meeting its full potential. That’s where we stepped in.


Smart keywords & earning backlinks

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The SEO Audit

Our journey began with a comprehensive site audit, a vital step in our managed SEO service. We examined keyword rankings, traffic, links, anchor text, and more. Fortunately, the site had no previous penalties, but its traffic growth remained stagnant. The issue stemmed from a lack of link equity and insufficient optimization. Our goal was to enhance their link profile while consistently creating valuable content.

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Competitive Analysis

Performing a competitive gap analysis allowed us to uncover keywords that the client’s competitors were successfully ranking for, presenting an opportunity for differentiation. We identified 301 terms with search volumes ranging from 300 to 10,000 searches per month, each with its own CPC value. We shared this valuable insight with the client, providing a foundation for new content creation.

A dramatized image of a retro-futurist style scientist conducting a SEO Keyword Research.

Keyword Opportunities

Identifying 114 low-volume keywords with a monthly search volume between 10-40, accompanied by an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $20, proved to be the initial step. Although these keywords weren’t high in volume due to the niche nature of the software, their potential profitability was undeniable. Most of these terms resided on pages 2-3 of search results. While we didn’t expect significant traffic surges from these quick wins, ranking for them promised substantial financial gains.

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SEO Strategy

Our fully managed SEO service strategy remained consistent, ensuring a sound and reliable approach. Here’s what we implemented:

Month 1
1 Guest Post: Exact match with easy win keywords
1 Guest Post: Exact match with other easy win keywords
1 Medium Diversity Links: Naked, brand, and partial match
1 Blog Content (1,000 words): Focused on keywords in the content gap

Month 2
Same approach as Month 1, avoiding keyword repetition

Month 3
Same approach as Month 2, without repeating keywords

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SEO Rankings

Early signs are promising, with a significant spike in keyword rankings and a strong increase in the value of the organic traffic.

This case study demonstrates the power of a strategic plan in achieving impressive results within a short timeframe. By combining valuable content with authoritative link building, we unlocked the potential for increased traffic. Month 4 and beyond hold even more excitement as the effects of linking become more pronounced, allowing us to target additional keywords and push them to page one.

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The Secret Sauce

Consistency & Commitment

The success of this SaaS website is a testament to the effectiveness of our fully managed SEO service program. Consistency and commitment are key to any SEO plan, and we encourage our clients to stay engaged for a minimum of three months to witness the true impact of our strategies.

By harnessing the power of strategic link building and impactful guest posts, we helped this SaaS company build a lower-cost, longer term marketing and sales pipeline than their previous approach, which was exclusively PPC focused. Ready to embark on your own success story?

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