SEO Case Study

Driving a Tourism Company to Google’s Top Spot

Curious about how Boooooost’s SEO team helped a tourism company dominate Google’s first page? Through our Managed SEO Service Package, we’ve propelled their website to new heights, ensuring their brand reached more eager travelers. Join us as we dive into the specifics of this success story, highlighting the strategic steps we took to achieve outstanding results.

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Managed SEO Campaign Results

Steady month-over-month increases in rankings and traffic


Additional organic traffic value.


Organic website visits/month.


Ranking organic keywords.


Qualified organic website traffic increase.


Amplify visibility of in-house content

Our client, a tourism company specializing in guided tours, approached us with a challenge. With their talented in-house content team already hard at work, they sought our expertise to further amplify the visibility of their content online. This client had already experienced significant growth by leveraging our Guest Post packages.

To take things up a notch, they opted for our Managed SEO package. At that time, their website attracted around 1,700 monthly visitors. Fast forward, and their numbers now exceed 10,000 per month—a true testament to our collaborative efforts.


Smart keywords & earning backlinks

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The SEO Audit

To kick things off, we conducted a thorough audit of their website, examining various elements, including traffic, backlinks, and anchor text analysis. Thankfully, their diligent content team had kept the site in tip-top shape, free from any penalties. However, we noticed they had been relying heavily on exact match anchors, which required some diversification. Our aim was to strike the right balance and avoid over-optimization while enhancing their link-building campaign.

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Outsmarting the Competition

To gain a competitive edge, we embarked on a mission to uncover hidden opportunities. By analyzing their competitors’ rankings, we identified 92 keywords that were untapped by our client. This valuable intel empowered their content team to create compelling pieces tailored to capture these lucrative keywords.

A dramatized image of a retro-futurist style scientist conducting a SEO Keyword Research.

Keyword Opportunities

Our keyword analysis uncovered a wealth of opportunities—926 keywords ranking between positions 4 and 30. These “easy wins” presented tremendous potential for improving their search rankings. Collaborating closely with the client, we carefully selected high-volume target keywords while identifying latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords for natural anchor text integration.

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The SEO Campaign

Leveraging the foundation built from their previous purchase of high-quality links, we created tailored monthly campaigns. Throughout the campaign, we ensured a diverse and natural anchor text profile, incorporating relevant and impactful keywords.

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SEO Rankings

Our results speak volumes—steady month-over-month increases in rankings and traffic. The client’s website now claims top positions for highly competitive keywords, resulting in an estimated monthly organic traffic value of more than $23,000.

While it took a few months to build this momentum, this campaign is now providing a return on the client’s marketing dollars far beyond what is possible with most top-of-funnel tactics. Consistent content creation and strategic link building have been the keys to achieving such success.

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The Secret Sauce

Consistent Content and Link Building

By combining consistent content creation and strategic link building, Boooooost’s SEO team has been able to empower our client reach new heights. We take immense pride in supporting their mission to enrich the lives of travellers all over the world.

Boooooost’s Managed SEO packages offer flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of each client, paving the way for remarkable results.

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